Ten things journalists should know about surviving in a high-tech industry

As new technology springs up faster than we can blink our eyes these days, it is therefore important for us as journalists to know how to use the new technology to our advantage rather than let it bulldoze over us. Here are 10 tips that will ensure our survival in future

Though it makes sense that the content on the web should be free, but it irks a journalist to have to deal with that.

“Make it free. Traditionally, the news industry has taken stuff that’s free – public information, for example – and made it worth money by adding editorial value. On the web, the most successful companies don’t build, they collapse. They take something that used to cost money and make it free. What costs money in your region that you can make free? Craigslist isn’t the only one that can play that game.”

Thanks Publishing 2.0!


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