The rules only apply in America argh?

Ever wondered what the world thinks of America?

Sami Al-Hadj, a Sudanese cameraman for Al-Jazeera, was detained six years ago in the gulag at Guantanamo by the  United States on  grounds of suspicion to make a case against Al-Jazeera.  He is said to be innocent, and is “now nearly an old man as a result of the business of systemic destruction imposed in the name of a disfigured civilization and in utter defiance of the central principles of democracy”. The reporter  adopts a very anti-US tone,  claiming that U.S. practices double standards in the advocation of free press and democracy:

“The United States is indeed a democracy: Within its own borders, the rule of law is enshrined. But beyond its walls, only the law of the jungle prevails.”


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