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Dunkin Donut pull off ad due to critcism by the blogosphere

Dunkin’ Donuts pulled off an add featuring celebrity chef Rachael Ray wearing a black-and-white fringed scarf on its website after criticisms by bloggers. The black-and-white scarf was said by blogger of Little Green Footballs to be typically worn by Muslim extremists. Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin fanned the flames by calling the scarf “jihadi chic”. The “fire” spread and soon, hundred of people posted comments condemning Dunkin’ Donuts.

This incident highlights the nature of the blogosphere. Firstly, it shows that companies are gradually responding to the bloggers and the big influence of the blogosphere on business models. Secondly, it shows the immediacy of the Internet makes response to public outcry faster. Definitely a good medium for social change, well, if used appropriately.

“Mr. Hirshberg said that the immediacy of the Internet made it seem like
an immediate response was necessary, no matter how far-fetched the
accusations. “The alternative is to assume that people will simply see
through it, draw their own conclusions, and chuckle it off,” he said.”